Bergen, Norway – November 23rd ,2015

In a project funded by the Norwegian Research Council, the Sailbuoy has completed a 3 week sea trial in the validation process as a wave measurement platform. For 2 weeks, the Sailbuoy “SB Wave” was stationed 10 km from the Ekofisk platforms in the North Sea, in the vicinity of a qualified wave buoy. Comparison test were made between the Sailbuoy and the wave-buoy to validate the suitability of the Sailbuoy as a wave-measuring device.

The conditions during the trial were quite rough; however, the Sailbuoy successfully maintained station through gale and storm conditions registering waves of over 12 m. The averaged (significant) wave heights varied from two to 6 m. Preliminary comparison results are very promising, and show a good correlation be the instruments.

This validation trail was made possible by the help of the Norwegian Meteorological institute who is heavily involved in the data validation process, and the University of Bergen and Conoco Phillips for providing invaluable assistance in the deployment and retrieval of the vessel. The project is ongoing and further tests are planned.


DSCN0745   ekofisk map

 Figure: SB Wave in the North Sea                  Figure: Waypoint location

 ekofisk plot

Figure: Significant and peak waveheights over the 2 week period